I always learn new things such as new programming language, tech stuff or event DIY stuffs. Learning is not difficult, the hard part is you need to recognize most of the past learning stuffs.

I love to take note by using Evernote however it comes with limitation. They have limited monthly upload bandwidth. I have randomly reached the maximum limit because the huge amount of captured photos in the notes.

There are several choices of moving away from Evernote:

  • One notes
  • Notion
  • Obsidian
  • Joplin

Obsidian has several advantages such as

  • you can use any text editor
  • you can use any cloud sync to synchronize your notes
  • it's free

Joplin is mostly like Obsidian except

  • built-in editor with markdown support
  • mobile apps are available on IOS/Android

I don't have much time to evaluate all competitors with all features. A week past after using Joplin, I'm totally impress with this note taking app. The UI is easy to use. I prefer to use Dropbox of notes synchronization which can be set within Joplin desktop application.

Migration from Evernote is very simple. You just need to export your notes from Evernote into ENEX format. Joplin can import the ENEX file easily.