This is just a short note to myself about ONVIF & RTSP support on EZVIZ's cameras.

I was selecting the IP Camera to install my home. Some of my requirements are (1) ONVIF support (2) RTSP support.

  • I do need ONVIF on most of my camera especially on Profile Q so that the discovery or configuration could be made easy.
  • For RTSP, I would like to plug my camera into the existing Home Assistant. Further automation can be done easily after that.

BTW after checked at EZVIZ's specification sheets, they don't state clearly about ONVIF & RTSP features. I sent an email to EZVIZ support and got the excellence replied about these. And here is the conclusion that I recieved:

  • Most of EZVIZ's cameras are NOT support ONVIF.
  • Most of EZVIZ's cameras do support RTSP except battery cameras.

This is the summary based on information i got on 1 Mar 2022 which may be changed in the future.