This is going to be a new home for my blogging stuffs after moved out from Medium.

I will be blogging in both Thai and English languages depends on the topic of interesting.

Home Assistant

  • Yes, most of the topics over here will be HA's related stuffs.
  • I love to spend my hobby time with this tool and its ecosystem. If you don't have any experience with HA, I would recommend to buy a Raspberry Pi board and DIY all the stuffs later. You would forget the voice command feature in Alexa or Google Home.

Software Architect/Development

  • I'm the full coder in True Digital which is a company under True Corporation Group. I'm happy to share my experience about coding or software design here. This is also a place to park my knowledge too.
  • Personally I love to code by using NestJS (A Typescript framework of NodeJS for backend development). But I also had some experienced with VueJS too.
  • Beyond coding, I also love to study and design the backend microservices for several projects internally which led me to get Google Certified of "Professional Cloud Architect" on December 2020.

Thank you.